Here's a list of friend and collaborators I've had the pleasure to be associated with.

Graphic design

Ros Care Design --
Stylish design with an abundance of personality


Con Stamatis --
Fine grain detailed illustration in classic mediums

Splatoons --
Cartoons and charicatures; "one of the fastest felt tips in the business"


Brian Gilkes --
High quality digital printmaking

James Byron Photography --
Corporate and product photography with both eyes on the details


Bent Leather Band --
Experimental electronic music (live ensemble improvisation) and instrument invention

Jon Magill Jazz Orchestra -- JMJO Facebook page
If it swings, they play it.


Metropolis Gallery --
Original Australian fine art, collectable art  and conservation framing


Writing Spirit --
Lyrical musings on life, love, food & play. Copywriting services too.

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